At an extraordinary committee on social work, held on 9 July, workers` representatives were asked to start negotiations to adapt the economic and social model of the parent company ADP SA. With the help of three instruments of the labour code, each requiring a majority agreement: Paris Airports SAGroup ADP is launching negotiations with the trade unions to proceed with the adaptation of their social and economic model, necessary by the crisis. Thus, the economic regulation agreement for the Paris platforms 2016-2020 was denounced with the agreement of the State. The process of drafting a new agreement has been suspended. These include commercial revenues from retail concessions, which were quickly revived at some European airports. Data published by Spanish operator AENA also contribute to this theory. In the case of AENA, some retail activities did generate revenue for the operator in 1:2020. Presentation of the agreement on economic regulation 2006-2010 2006-2010 Regulations on the economic regulation agreement of 16 September 2005 on charges for services on airfields decree of 20 July 2005 relating to the decree of Paris Airports of 20 September 2005. July, 2005, 2005, regarding the decree of 20 July 2005 relating to airport charges at the Paris Airports Act of 20 April 2005 at airports While air traffic had grown almost continuously over the past 50 years, resulting in increased competition between major international hubs, the crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic led to a sudden halt in air transport.

It now turns out that the resumption of traffic will be very gradual, with a return to the 2019 level expected between 2024 and 2027. The financial results for the first half of 2020 will be published by airport managers, among others for ADP Group, manager of Paris airports with additional stakes in West Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. The ADP Group has been organised structurally to cope with a significant evolution of its activities, both in France and abroad, through its companies and its dynamic social, wage and financial structure. Augustin de Romanet President and Chief Executive Officer of Paris Airports SA-Group ADP said: Investor Relations: Audrey Arnoux, Director of Investor Relations – invest@adp.frPressekontakt: Lola Bourget, Head of The Media and Reputation Division, Lola Bourget, Head of The Media and Reputation Division, 33 1 74 25 23 23 23 23 23 23 23, proposing the use of such tools, ADP Group takes the choice of social responsibility, responsibility for dialogue and solidarity. The aim is to mobilise all the solutions of the social dialogue to avoid the loss of skills and preserve the competitiveness of our industrial instrument. 2011-2015 Economic Regulation Agreement Press release of December 9, 2009 Press release December 23, 2009 Public consultation document Signature of the Economic Regulation Agreement Each report provides a new perspective on the latest industry trends and is available online or via the CAPA mobile app, with customizable warnings that will help you stay abreast of new business opportunities.