Prep. separation is done by mutual agreement. | I think we all agree that prices should be kept low. | I agree with you that more responsibility should be given to it. | With the agreement of all members of the club, we decided to organize a trip. | Teachers agree that changes need to be made. | There is no agreement yet between the two parties. | There is no agreement on the policy yet. > special part to MEETING 1A written or oral agreement, including an agreement on employment, sale or rent, which must be enforceable by law. (c) Finally, with regard to the idea that intelligent contracts are “legally binding agreements”, it was proposed that intelligent contracts should not create obligations in the legal sense.

By: Productivity Agreement in A Dictionary of Business and Management “Once again, the possible answers depend on the definition chosen. Search for: `Productivity Agreement` in Oxford Reference ” This blog post addresses the problem of defining smart contracts. In particular, it examines existing definitions of smart contracts in some of the most important laws that have been adopted to date, as well as in the scientific papers that have been published to date, and then continues to examine the extent to which new categories of rights are justified to deal with this new type of debt. Therefore, we can define an intelligent contract based on the blockchain as any digital agreement that is a) written in computer code (i.e. software), b) works on the blockchain or ledger technologies (thus decentralized) and c) is executed automatically without the need for human intervention (so intelligent). An agreement between an employer and a union that provides for an increase in wages for a moderate increase in productivity. To reach such an agreement, productivity negotiations are needed to find a compromise between the wage increase demanded by trade unions and the increase in productivity demanded by employers. In any event, the parties undertake, through the conclusion of an intelligent contract, to honour the commitments made to them (or to have the computer machine run on their behalf). Since smart contracts are likely to be a translation into the numerical code of a previous agreement already concluded, the parties would at least have contractual obligations to begin executing the intelligent contract (i.e. the implementation of the intelligent contract).