In the middle of LA COVID-19, the federal government temporarily extended the maximum duration of WS agreements from 38 weeks to 76 weeks and waived the mandatory waiting period, so that employers with expired contracts can immediately request a new agreement immediately between applications and relax the stimulus package requirements for the duration of the WS agreement. If you request a new agreement or have a WS agreement, Schedule A is mandatory for all WS (work-sharing) applications with the application that is part of the work-sharing agreement. Employers are encouraged to submit their applications 10 calendar days before the desired start date. To apply for the WS program, employers must: If you currently have a 38-week agreement and apply for the 38-week extension, you must submit the following documents: The federal government has developed the Canada COVID-19 application to help Canadians track their symptoms and access their mobile phones directly with the latest updates from reliable sources of information. Individuals can also sign up to receive regular updates from the Canadian government via COVID-19 directly to their email address. Completed applications (including Schedule A) must now be submitted at least 10 business days before the desired start date, before coVID-19 employers are invited to submit their applications at least 30 calendar days before the start date (for more information, see CoVID-19 of the work-sharing program). All agreements start on a Sunday. For more information, see the following detailed documents: In addition, the employer agrees to provide the documents requested by the Canadian Labour Insurance Commission, including copies of payslips, to verify the information contained in the application. Please read the SS Candidates` Guide for Temporary Special Measures for more information to complete your application.

october 30, 2016 to July 29, 2017 (for the forestry sector) or between November 25, 2018 and August 18, 2018 (for the steel and aluminum sectors). , you must submit the following documents: Temporary exceptional measures will come into effect from March 15, 2020 until March 14, 2021. Please apply at least 30 days before starting the temporary special measures. . In the middle of COVID-19, the federal government has implemented exceptional temporary measures to help employers and workers affected by COVID-19: work-sharing (“WS”) is an adjustment program for employers to avoid layoffs when there is a temporary reduction of businesses outside the employer`s control by granting income allowances entitled to employment insurance benefits (“EI”). , who have a reduced temporary work week.