An importer differs from an agent in that an importer does not sell or transmit orders or accept orders on behalf of the other party. They only refer potential customers to the supplier. Once the introduction is completed, the importer no longer plays any role in a contract between the supplier and the potential customer. In our Recommendation Partnership Agreement, you will find a document specifically related to customer introductions that covers the relationship between a service provider and a referral partner in general. 1. BS.COM.03A Introductory Agreement (Commission) – Designed for one-time contracts of medium and long term, during which the supplier receives multiple payments from a customer and the importer must pay a percentage commission for these payments over a period of time. This introductory agreement is intended to be used if the supplier wishes to enter into a contract with a single customer, possibly in a new market or geographic region that may or may not be identified specifically. If the affected customer is not designated, the forward-looking criteria plan provides that the supplier inserts all the requirements it may have for the new customer that the importer is expected to find. This introductory agreement is particularly appropriate when the supplier wishes to establish a current business relationship (OBR) with the new customer, which will generate a consistent future revenue. In this introductory agreement, an OBR is considered established after a number of transactions between companies, a number that must be defined by the user. 3.1.3 Provide time to participate in the meetings and presentations organized by the importer; In addition, we publish several variants of this agreement: beautiful, fast and simple! Amy Docker AEK Solutions Ltd.

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