Most CSP partners already have access to Microsoft`s Partner Center, especially after Microsoft moved the Partner Membership Center to the Partner Center. However, this does not mean that you have already logged in as a CSP-Indirect reseller. If you are a Resello partner, your Account Manager helps you through this process. From September 1, 2019, the agreement will be available in the Partner Center. The partners of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program will be the first to use the agreement that begins to replace these agreements: they must first be registered as CSP-Indirect resellers to sign the Microsoft Partnership Agreement. The Global Administrator of the Partner Center (the same person involved in the Partner Center) can sign Microsoft`s partnership agreement. The global administrator can use the “Accept and Continue” button under indirect reseller conditions that allows Microsoft to terminate it without reason by communicating to your company 30 days before these conditions are suspended. This notification is our written notification that Microsoft intends to terminate your contract without reason effective August 31, 2019. On September 1, 2019, the Microsoft Partnership Agreement became available at the Partner Center for Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) partners to verify and accept them. It allows the partner to authorize transactions and replaces the following agreements: Microsoft`s partners in the Microsoft CSP partner channel program will be Microsoft`s first partners to work with the new agreement. These include CSP Direct Bill-Partner, CSP Indirect Provider, Multi-Tier-Partner und CSP Indirect Resellers.

In short, all Microsoft partners who act in the Microsoft CSP program. Connect to the Partner Center dashboard as a global administrator for your business. The deadline for signing Microsoft`s partnership agreement is approaching! If you don`t know microsoft Partner Agreement, this is a new, streamlined and digitally accepted partnership framework that replaces existing partnership agreements that allow authorized partners to implement themselves in the CSP program.