One more thing. Ridgid couldn`t be worse from a customer service point of view. The woman I spoke to was belligerent and rude, and immediately assumed that I was a crook to have her company. I immediately asked his manager, got more stone walls and incivility, and then the phone hooked up and called the home deposit service, again asking the manager. I let them know how loyal I am a customer and how betrayed I felt when I was caught like this. First by a salesman who lied to me and told me, and then, when I really tried to leave her behind her lifetime warranty. I have a rigid Power Drill model R83015, IT IS COME WITH A LIFE TIME WARRANTY and the batteries (2) and charger came as a complete set and all have a guarantee of life. The problem now is that they “rigid” are no longer the 14.4 volt batteries they use and cannot deliver them. You can find them on Amazon, but not sure of their age, even if they say again. There is another brand replacement Hanaix 14.4V 3.0Ah Ni-MH replacement, has good and so reviews.

Rigid customer service is not help. I`m just going to buy Dewalt. The registration process is because the service contract is for the life of the original buyer…. it is not transmitted with the tool if you sell it to someone else, so the registration process is their type of permanent verification, as the tool you put is the tool you bought. Therefore, you must enter the serial number for each item you have. For inspection cameras, it is best to buy a Hathorn. First-class technology and good service. A good little business, you do. Ridgid is too big to take care of the little guy. My first attempt to record a ridgid compact router failed because of the site method.

You now need the original receipt to verify the purchase. The only reason I bought the Ridgid tool on the alternatives was the so-called warranty. Customer service was unable to deal with the problem over the phone. So the tool is down. I used the service for several of their 12V batteries, too in my opinion. The service center told me that I may have a bad tool that made the batteries bad, but when the tool was tested, I was told it was okay. So I made a final exchange for new batteries, then I sold everything. It was online before check-in, but I had receipts and depot service center (in tool rental locations) to do the swap. I think I was unlucky with this sentence, but I stayed away from ridgid for a while. The Lifelong Service Contract applies to all authorized RIDGID Brand power tools, fixed power tools and pneumatic tools purchased by The Home Depot and licensed dealers. Just register all the authorized tools within 90 days of purchase, you will receive free batteries, parts and a service for the lifetime! They should never have done that.

It`s actually a violation of the ASA. The agreement applies to a person, not a business. I`m a corporate troll. I was suspicious of Ridgid`s guarantee and I`m staying that way. I can tell you that about four years ago, three batteries were replaced as part of the warranty (out of four batteries delivered with an 18V drill and an 18V pilot purchased separately about four years ago).