How can I resume my translations in the vocabulary coach? The distributor`s interest is to increase the amount of the badge stock, as this does not affect its cash position. Therefore, the parties should expect that an appropriate vehicle, adapted to market demand, will meet certain conditions, be required by customs authorities and VAT. Due to EU VAT legislation, it is easier to have a fleet of freight between EU countries. The distributor must keep accurate accounts, but is not required to have connected a warehouse. [1] . Reports are sent electronically to the representative responsible for the shipping contract (Cor). First, we use basic terms that are not defined in this amendment, have the meaning given to those terms in the shipping contract. Except in its amended version, the transit agreement will remain fully in force and will be ratified and confirmed in all respects. It may be accompanied by a consignment contract (franchising, distribution or OEM). The goods are stored on the premises of the distributor or in the premises of a third party available to the distributor, but remain the property of the exporter. A delivery contract is an agreement between a recipient and a shipper for the storage, transfer, sale or resale and use of the goods. The recipient may take the shipping stock for use or resale to the sender according to the terms negotiated in the delivery contract.

Unsold goods are usually returned by the shipper to the sender. This agreement reduces the risk to the exporter, who remains the owner of the stored products. The merchant does not have to pay until he has sold the goods, so he improves his cash flow. Both parties must ensure that the supply contract is drafted with great care, so that in the event of bankruptcy, there is no doubt about the third party, especially about the professional`s creditors. The trader and exporter have irreconcilable interests. Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? Other courts have proposed similar regulatory agreements. Moreover, the possibility of entering into transactional agreements with the subjects is expressly provided for in the Belgian CTVA, which should and should be considered a normal practice of the Belgian tax authorities. However, the non-contest clauses contained in the settlement agreements may, in specific circumstances, be anti-competitive and fall under Article 53, paragraph 1. It has the right [27], but not the obedience, to enter into settlement agreements in the event of a late payment of debts in the area of social security.

The class exemption regulation and its guidelines apply without prejudice to the application of section 53 to regulatory agreements that do not contain a licensing agreement. See also, on the rule agreements, the following and points. However, certain terms and conditions of the regulatory agreements may fall under Article 53, paragraph 1. It is that the category exemption regulation also covers agreements called non-claim and regulatory agreements, by which the donor authorizes the production in the area covered by the patent. . Limitation for payment in regulatory agreements Attention: Words from the vocabulary list are only available from this Internet browser.