Pl. transmit how long electronic stamp papers are valid, how long electronic stamp papers can be used after purchase at the bank. e-Stamping (a form of e-challan) is the automated online supply of stamp paper for the State of Punjab, a project of the Board of Revenue and Punjab Information Board (in partnership with the Bank of Punjab). “2. In the case of instruments relating to real estate levied by a tax on the value of the property and not on the value indicated in the deed, the instrument fully and correctly determines the annual property revenues for property, annual rent or, if applicable, gross property in the case of other real estate. to whom these assets may be subject and to any other information that may be imposed by the provisions of this Act.” The same obligation as other promotions (No. 23), as collected in this Act, for consideration equal to the amount or value of such a fine or bonus or advance, as defined in the lease, in addition to taxes that should have been due on that lease if no fine or bonus or advance had been paid. : MORTGAGE OF A CROP , including an instrument that is an instrument to guarantee the repayment of a loan on a mortgage of a cultivated plant, whether or not the crop exists at the time of the mortgage – one and a half times the tax payable on a mortgage held [No. 40 a)] for an amount equal to the nominal amount of the shares indicated in the warrant. The Indian Stamp Act of 1889 was used at the same time as the State Stamp Act of Punjab. Over the past century, several changes, rules and amendments have been made to the Punjab Stamp Act.

The 1934 Punjab rules, which included the rules for refunding, renewing and disposing of stamps in Punjab, auditing, delivery of stamps and accounts, etc., were the first important rules adopted immediately after the Punjab Stamp Losses and Defalcation Rules, 1935. The same obligation as a mortgage deed with property (No. 40 (a) for the amount of the additional tax guaranteed by such a deed, provided that in any event, if an agreement is stamped with the lawyer`s stamp for a tenancy agreement, and a tenancy agreement under that agreement is subsequently executed the obligation on that rent may not exceed two rupees.b) Is the value applied for customs purposes for a period of time of a maximum of 30 years on the payment of compensation the value is calculated at 10 times the annual revenue for the purposes of the fee; The same obligation as a mortgage with the property [No. 40 (a)] for the total amount of tax (including the original mortgage and any other tax already made) net of the tax already paid on that original mortgage and additional fees. Should the stamp duty on Bsiic`s fees be paid for the package, i.e. the cost of the land plus the construction or all of the above items? is your solution provider for all your legal, administrative and registration requirements. We have also set up an API for stamp duty payment, which can be used in the same way by businesses and individuals, in Punjab or in another state in India.