I think the other point, such as an 18-month rent, seems unnecessarily complex. I would be inclined to do only a 12-month and let it continue if the tenants didn`t want to break it. However, an 18-month rent could be added with a clause (there may be another sheet, provided it is attached and you and the tenant both subscribe) that after 12 months/year, the tenant can exercise the break clause. However, what is actually in the agreement only counts when there may be a dispute. Since you`ve already agreed that the lease could be broken, do you really need it? Hope that makes sense. When I started renting the property, I downloaded and signed a short-term rental agreement on a website and sent it to my landlord. I have never received a signed copy. We agreed orally that I could stay as long as I would like, but as I don`t have a written agreement, I feel a little safe. I also understand that the property will only have two residents and therefore I do not need an owner`s license and I can just rent because we are the owner and we all have a rental agreement.

It`s true? My partner and I moved into a rented apartment in March and signed a rental agency contract for 12 months. We paid six months in advance and a monthly bond. Only a letter confirming that the original lease has expired and has therefore been transformed into a legal periodic lease agreement from the expiry date, which runs month after month, should suffice. Just like a point of interest (and law) – your tenants are entitled to two months` notice – if they are happy with a month, okay, but if they are unable to find alternative housing and go to the local authority, they are told it is an illegal eviction. 3 I promoted the property with a weekly rent, but the tenant wants to pay every four weeks in permanent order. How do I show it in the rental agreement – I have an agreement in a legislative package, but it only allows every week and every month – I can change the agreement with the agreement of the tenants to read every four weeks? I paid a lot of money in advance so that my wife could wait for the baby in peace and comfort. It now appears that she has to hold scaffolding and workers in front of the windows for the duration of the rental, with all the noise, dust and other inconveniences. Do I have a legal right to stay in this house as soon as my mother is in a permanent house, or do I have to negotiate a new lease with the landlord? The answer to all your questions is yes. Although I understand why the owner is doing this, I`m afraid he wants his cake and his half-pence. The termination must follow the rental dates and be at least two months. He is only entitled to one month.

According to the wording of the agreement, but if that is the case, then yes, the termination should be of the lease period. I think you are right if you feel offended — it is clearly someone who just wanted a very short rent, because they resigned to finish less than the usual six months. However, civil law, the tenant is only obliged to give a one-month notice period, and I think if you look at why the notification is requested (to allow a landlord to get another tenant), it can be difficult to prove that it was necessary to have three months` notice.