The application form for the termination of the lease/mortgage is provided in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Users can find application methods and information needs. You can obtain an application form for the registration of a lease-purchase, lease or mortgage on the motor vehicle registration certificate. You can get information on applications and application procedures. You can use this application form for the transfer of motor vehicle ownership in Himachal Pradesh State. Users can find property transfer forms in the event of death and the vehicle purchased at a public auction. Detailed information on application procedures, necessary documents, royalties, etc., is provided. Users can find an application form for an international driver`s licence issued by the Himachal Pradesh Receiving Authority. You will find information on requirements, documents, fees, validity and where you can apply, etc. Apply through The State Portal – Andhra Pradesh Remove Mortgage (Hypothecation) of Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) Online with Images The application for registration of a new vehicle must be filed with the registrar whose applicant has his residence or activity and the vehicle is normally kept. The application for registration must be submitted to Form 20. You will find information on the procedure, the deposit fee, the necessary documents, etc. You can use this application form to request a change in the address of the vehicle registration certificate in Himachal Pradesh State.

Detailed information on the documents necessary to assess the change of address is also provided. Applicants can find a permanent driver`s licence application form issued by the Himachal Pradesh Registration Authority. Detailed information on the application process, the necessary documents, the royalty structure, eligibility, etc., is provided. This procedure can be completed on the same day and the certificate can be recovered on the day of notification. Users can find freight permit application forms in Himachal Pradesh State. You will find forms for a temporary authorization, a good basic authorization and a national authorization. Applicants can find information on documents and application procedures to obtain authorizations issued by the Himachal Pradesh Registration Authority. You can get an application form for the addition of a new class of vehicle to your himachal Pradesh driver`s license.