. Isura No. 3: the direct grant notified in 2009. The direct grant is granted on the basis of the 36th Common Planning Plan: Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure (36. The aid is granted by the Italian authorities in the form of a direct subsidy. Cooperation with the aforementioned international organizations can only be financed through direct aid agreements. The measure consists of a direct subsidy financed by public funds from the Romanian state. . Initial Investment Grants Amounts, including indirect costs, for recipients selected for direct grants under the aid procedure are awarded to beneficiaries in the form of direct grants. [Direct grant agreement with the Council of Europe] This is a direct subsidy of EUR 19.5 million in nominal terms. Results: 50. Exactly: 50.

Response time: 57 ms. direct grant agreement with WHO`s HEALTH EVIDENCE Network (HEN) to support the health information and knowledge system. Brief frequent expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, other [financing mechanism: direct grant agreement with WHO] [direct grant agreement with the European Observatory for Health Policies and Systems] to convert part of the loan into a direct subsidy.