All comments on this proposal may contain information that is personal data, such as.B. Information you identify, etc. for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1988. The indication of personal data in your repository is optional. If this is not indicated, the Council will not be able to contact you through the vpA project. The information is stored in the Council`s electronic files and files. Regarding your protection, the Commission recommends that defamatory comments not be included in your opinion. Although the governance project applies only to boards, the draft practice notice contains guidelines for “planning authorities” in general, including the Minister of Planning and other agencies such as Transport for NSW. We therefore expect that the draft practice notice, if adopted, will be followed in the future by the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment when negotiating the VPA on behalf of the Minister.

APVs have been defined as voluntary agreements or other agreements between one or more planning authorities and a developer whereby the developer commits to making a public contribution to a public purpose or purpose. The agreement was born out of a voluntary planning agreement, which grants concessions to a real estate developer against a public benefit – in this case a concession in line with the Council`s new cultural policy. The “development contribution,” i.e. the provision by a developer as part of a voluntary planning agreement, may involve a monetary contribution, free dedication of land or the provision of a material “public benefit”. The term “planning obligation” in turn means an obligation imposed on a developer that requires it to make a contribution to development. The Council`s director of planning, Graham Jahn, said the agreement did not allow Greenland to build a higher tower, but a tower “perhaps an extra metre,” as it took over the base area in other parts of the building. The directive applies to planning agreements that council could enter into with a landowner or developer requesting changes to a local environmental plan, either through a plan application or through an application to build land in the Western Council area.